Emergency Notification and Secure Inter-Office Instant Messaging

The security and privacy requirements of corporate customers are much stricter than the demands of home users. A piece of sensitive information from an occasional message can easily cause all sorts of damage from bad public relation to declined stock prices. It is essential for the corporate users to make sure that nothing ever slips out into the Internet.

When it comes to instant messaging, firewalls and antivirus programs can reduce the risk of an outside attack. That, however, does not fix the issue. Font generator messaging systems such as ICQ, AOL, MSN or Yahoo messengers were never designed to secure sensitive information. One cannot configure a buddy-chat instant messaging system to conform to the strict security policies imposed by the corporations.

Fortunately, corporations are not limited to the well-known products used by general public. While it is essential for the general-use instant messengers to be widely popular in order to maintain their user base, the instant messaging systems used on the corporate level don’t have to be popular at all. This class of products is used strictly on corporate premises, and is installed by the system administrator, not leaving any choice of an instant messaging program to the end user. LanTalk NET also offer a few strictly enterprise features

LanTalk NET by one product that effectively replaces the Internet-based instant messaging systems and eliminates the security threats associated with packets traveling outside of your local area network. Instant messages and notifications sent and received with LanTalk NET travel across your corporate LAN or VPN, never leaving the premises and never exposing a single bit of information to the outside world.

Corporate users choose LanTalk NET over the Internet messengers for numerous reasons. LanTalk NET eliminates the possibility of a security breach from outside of your local area network. All messages sent and received are securely transferred within the LAN and never leave your corporate premises. Unlike the free Internet-based messengers such as ICQ, AOL and MSN Messenger, LanTalk NET does not use Internet as a carrier, and does not employ a centralized controller to route the messages. Instead, all messages and notifications are delivered directly to the recipient with no middlemen.

By not using the Internet, LanTalk NET is infinitely more robust than the Internet-based messengers. If there is no connection to the Internet, LanTalk NET still operates on the LAN, being able to send and receive messages. The ability to post multicast messages over LAN enables LanTalk NET users to deliver messages or emergency notifications to thousands of recipients with a few mouse clicks. A quick pre-defined message can be invoked in a matter of seconds.

LanTalk NET is developed from the scratch to satisfy the strict requirements of a corporate user. The ability to manage rights and privileges of the LanTalk NET users allows configuring the receive-only and reply-only modes, cutting unwanted chatting and improving employee productivity. If LanTalk NET does not satisfy the demands of your company, CEZEO software developers are happy to tailor their product to your satisfaction by making custom modifications to the product.