Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders

A cloud-based, ACE-certified ABI software solution for customs brokers, FTZ or CFS operators, and self-filers. Magaya has the customs filing software you need to optimize and streamline declaration processes, keep your customs data organized, provide cost-saving measures, and make sure that compliance is on track. If you’re not using automation to save keystrokes , you’re falling behind.
Customs Brokerage ServicesCustoms Brokerage Services Experience exceptional Customs Brokerage services with AFC International’s network of knowledgeable agents. AFC helps importers clear their goods through U.S. customs. Ninety-eight per cent of our shipments are processed within 20 minutes of receipt of the documents. With the help of the most customs compliant software available at, our qualified staff will see to it that all of the U.S. government’s many requirements and our clients’ expectations are met.
The majority of the remaining penalties were for late filing. For any session of presentation given at one time, regardless of the duration of that session, an individual broker may claim, at a maximum, one continuing education credit for the time spent preparing subject matter for that presentation pursuant to paragraph of this section. As stated before, many benefits of the proposed rule are qualitative. Brokers would benefit from improved reputation and a professionalization of the customs broker community while their clients would benefit from better performance, less non-compliance, and improved outcomes. CBP believes that the combination of quantified benefits and unquantified benefits exceed the costs of this rule. Following the first 3-year cycle, CBP will announce the opening of a new application cycle through posts in SAM, and the Executive Assistant Commissioner, Office of Trade, will publish a notice in the Federal Register to the same effect.
The group’s mission statement and business philosophy is to quickly and efficiently help new importers set up their products for shipping through the Port of Los Angeles, from Customs clearance to door delivery. Under baseline conditions, CBP estimates that about 60 percent of brokers already complete continuing education on a voluntary basis. CBP does not believe that publishing a list of brokerages that provide continuing education would induce the remaining 40 percent of brokers to pursue continuing education, though some brokers might do so. Under agente aduanero , those individual brokers who already complete ongoing training would continue to do so, while many of those brokers who do not, would not, absent a mandate, be likely to change. CBP estimates that an additional five percent of brokers might begin a continuing education program in order to be included on CBP’s list, representing about 186 additional companies.
A customs broker is a specific term used to identify the intermediary between the importer and the government’s customs department in the country of import. In many countries including the United States, a person must pass a customs broker exam to be licensed to operate in that country. Among the many international shipment services we have available, TQL Global offers customs brokerage services for freight entering the United States. The Secretary shall prescribe regulations setting forth the minimum standards for customs brokers and importers, including nonresident importers, regarding the identity of the importer that shall apply in connection with the importation of merchandise into the United States. In short, a licensed customs brokerage makes importing merchandise and commodities to the United States much easier for their clients.