25 Firefighters Fundraising Alternatives to Boot Fundraising

To get started, find out if any of your church members have connections to the local businesses—whether they own them or know the management! Good ideas include popular restaurants, spas and salons, and other experiences. Bake-offs and bake sales are fundraising classics for churches and faith-based organizations.
Some because we “eat our own” in how we treat our members who volunteer to be there. And Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas because people don’t have time to join volunteer fire departments anymore. ‍This idea probably isn’t going to get your nonprofit any additional funds, but it’s the right thing to do.
From tacos to burgers, ice cream to cannolis, there will be something for everyone, and your supporters will love getting their favorites from your office parking lot. The great thing about a Facebook fundraiser is that the platform has step-by-step tools and group-making features to launch your campaign. Plus, tagging, hashtags, and other sharing features make it easy for your supporters to share your fundraiser with their family and friends. Traditional bake sales are fun, but they can often fall flat if you don’t plan correctly. Set up your online bake sale and post pictures and prices of the baked goods for all to see.
ABC Fundraising® has partnered with Auntie Anne’s® to bring you one of the most popular fire department fundraisers available today. As if Part One and Part Two weren’t enough….here are 25 more alternatives to boot fundraising. You can promote this event on social media to build up excitement. To raise additional revenue, you can also sell tee shirts, calendars, and other accessories. Create a hashtag for the event so you can share live results on the day of the fundraiser.
If your group members participate in your pretzel fundraiser – it will be successful. Before your fundraiser begins, gather your group members and discuss your pretzel fundraiser. Agree on how much money needs to be raised and why you are raising money with the pretzel fundraiser. Make your members responsible for contributing their part of the money. You may want to have a competition between team members, classes, or groups during your pretzel fundraiser. The key is to encourage your members to continue to raise money for the whole two weeks of the fundraiser.
You could be a church, school, nonprofit, or political group, and still make the most of such events. An evening of wine tasting makes a fun and sophisticated fundraising event. Sell tickets to the event (making sure all participants are of legal drinking age) and feature four or five different wines.
Golf tournaments are a tried and true fundraising event for nonprofit organizations as well as political campaigns and school fundraisers. A car wash is a great fundraising idea for nonprofit organizations and individuals that gets everyone outside. With peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, your organization can raise money and gain new supporters through social proof in the process. For example, if you’re raising money for an ongoing project, you might choose an online fundraiser with blog-like features to keep your donors updated.
Otherwise, you’ll be juggling donation amounts, donor names and email addresses, and everything else that goes into keeping your church running. Don’t let your church members fight the long lines at the mall for a memorable picture with Santa. An easy solution and fundraiser includes having a congregation member volunteer to be Santa and host a photo shoot at your own church. Get your youth group out volunteering, armed with ladders and tools. You can ask for donations or a small fee from those who want their lights removed.